The capacity for the summer courses is limited.

You can do your pre-registration by contacting

Registrations are done at the center in person. Students should fill in application form in, bring 2 photos and their passports for the registration.

  • Once they register, applicants complete a written and oral examination to determine their level.
  • The payment can be made to the bank account of the center before the course starts or in person at the center on the first day of the classes.
  • The course fees are non-refundable once the classes begin.
  • Upon completion of their levels enrolled, students receive a certificate.

Once a student completes all levels he/she is given a diploma of Arabic proficiency certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Published by Nile Center

Nile Learning Center was established in Egypt in 1998 with the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of National Education. The Nile Center is one of the prominent language schools in Egypt that teaches Arabic with an experienced and successful team. It provides a certificate to its students, approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

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