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Intensive Arabic & Quran Courses in Egypt


We have exciting news for you from Egypt.

Would you like to enrich your life by taking Arabic or Quran lessons in the fastest and most effective way?

Nile Arabic Learning Center, a Cairo-based language school would love to host you in an accommodation of your choice from a hotel room to a fully furnished flat in magnificent Egypt, the land of Prophet Moses, Prophet Joseph and Zuleyha.

Having the experience of 20 years of teaching Arabic to foreign students with our experienced and well-trained staff, we offer you a rich program that will allow you to learn Arabic as well as Egypt’s culture in a profound way:

One, two or three-month intensive Basic Arabic Courses combining theory and practice which will allow you to communicate with the community or the Academic Arabic Course that will enhance your academics, career, intercultural communication, and personal growth.

Tajweed classes to read the holy Qur’an in a proficient way.

Calligraphy lessons are available if you are interested in arts.

Along with the courses that we offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the rich ancient and modern Egyptian culture, enjoy cruising the Nile River at sunset and indulge in the Egyptian cuisine.

Do not miss out on this limited offer that Nile Arabic Learning Center is providing.

  • Lessons
  • Materials
  • Accommodation
  • Tours

Starting from 350 USD monthly…

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  1. The Nile Center has the right to make changes in the program. In the same way, some changes can be made in the direction of the students’ demands.
  2. The Quran classes are done according to the 30th Juz and memorization will be followed, it may also change according to the students level.
  3. In Arabic class, books from the Takkallum Arabic Learning Set will be selected accordingly.
  4. The distribution of the Qur’an and Arabic Calligraphy lessons is shaped towards requests.
  5. The study program is optional. It is planned if requested.
  6. A leader for the main program for each group, one for men and one for women will be selected and all requests will be asked and granted through the leader.
  7. Trips to practice Arabic are dependent solely on the group.
  8. Anything other than the given program, for example, gym, pool, diving at the red sea, trips to villages, beaches, etc. are evaluated by the Nile Center and the students will be charged accordingly.
  9. The meal fee for sightseeing is paid by the participant.
  10. Extra courses are assessed and charged separately.
  11. Fees are required to be paid off in dollars.

Please contact us for your questions and suggestions.

Note: The program above is an example. A 15-day, one and a half-month or a more flexible program can be arranged according to the requests.


Group Course Fee                  : From 350$ (6-12 Persons / per student / per month)
Private Course Fee                : From 750$ (Single student / per month )

Fees include; invitation letter, meeting at the airport, sendoff, 2 Arabic courses (4 hours / day), Quran lessons, Calligraphy lessons, educational documents and certificate. Students will need to pay extra tuition fees if they ask for extra lessons. Discount is possible for groups of 10 or more.

Payments should be sent to our bank accounts or to our accounting department at the first day of the classes. Students who leave earlier during summer courses will not get a refund.

  • The course fees are non-refundable once the classes begin.

If registered students let us know earlier about their exact arrival date and time to Cairo, we will be able to meet them at the airport and bring them to the place where they will be be staying during their study.

Hotel: Daily rate is between 30USD-100USD for hotels with three, four or five stars.

Student can come to the center with taxi, Uber, Careem etc. If student wants, we will arrange shuttle service from the hotel to the language center. Reservation and other related works are done by student.

Furnished House: Daily rate is from 30USD for normal apartment per 2-5 person.

The student can book a reservation at the airbnb system and arrange a place with a credit card. Houses are recommended to be close to the center.

Our center can help students who do not have the possibility to set a house.


Students are given certificates at the end of the courses they finish.

Students who finish all courses successfully get a diploma approved by Egyptian National Education Ministry showing the student’s language proficiency at B2 level.

The major places that you can visit during your stay in Egypt:


the Cairo Museum,

Mehmet Ali Pasha Mosque,

Azhar-i-Sharif Mosque,

Khalil Khan,

the tomb of Imam Shafii,

the tomb and mosque of Hussein (R.),

the Tolunoglu Ahmet Mosque,

various structures in Cairo,

library in Alexandria,

historical and tourist attractions,

the Desert Safari,


Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts…

Follow your student from our phone application:

Download “Nile Center” application from your appstore or playstore to your mobile phone.

Keep track of your student’s absences, grades, and teacher’s thoughts.

Communicate directly with your child’s teacher, whether message or video.


The capacity for the intensive courses is limited.

You can do your pre-registration by contacting or fill in application form in

Finally registrations are done at the center in person. Students should bring 2 photos and their passports for the registration.

  • Once they register, applicants complete a written and oral examination to determine their level.
  • Upon completion of their levels enrolled, students receive a certificate.

Once a student completes all levels he/she is given a diploma of Arabic proficiency certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Alternative Course Programs:


$From 150Monthly

Standard Intensive

$From 350Monthly


$From 550Monthly

Premium Plus

$From 850Monthly


$From 300Monthly

Special Intensive

$From 600Monthly
Intensive Arabic Program Description
Intensive Quran Program Description
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  1. Fathinah August 6, 2018 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    how much is the price for fusha MSA with group 4hours/day for one level? And INTENSIVE ARABIC & QURAN COURSES with group? I am a private register so may I know the schedule for intensive arab&quran courses if I wanna join the group provided by the center? I want to start in January 2019 🙂

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  3. Mahamoud March 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm - Reply

    I would love come there to study Arabic and Quran 6mouths or possibly a year

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