Learn Online Arabic And Quran

Learn Online Arabic And Quran

Learning Arabic and Quran for adults & children is now easy at the Nile Center.

Arabic, is the language of the Quran, that’s why it is a goal that every Muslim desires and wants to achieve and teach to their children. Nile Center teaches the four foundational skills of the Arabic language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Once you have mastered these skills, you can safely say that you are fluent in that language.

Nile Educational Institutions, which has been serving in Egypt since 1998, is one of the centers that set their hearts on this education of Quran and Arabic language. One of the largest and most successful courses operating in Egypt with the permission of the Ministry of National Education.

As a result of the advancement of technology and the requirements created by the conditions, new methods and new applications were developed, and education became more accessible and easier. With this distance education system; after registration, you have the opportunity to access the virtual classes opened for you, and you can take your lessons from resources, activities, homework, attendance, live lesson environments, exams, audio-visual and written teaching tools.

Nile Academy LMS, which has dozens of features such as accessing lecture notes, reinforcing what you have learned with additional videos and activities, making exams where you can reach the results instantly, sharing backup documents. Chatting with classmates, doing joint project assignments with group work, and having fun while learning with some fun activities.

It also issues an automatic report card and certificate to the student. The student can download his/her report card and certificate whenever he/she wants by logging into the system with his/her own username and password.

Nile Center can also issue a language completion diploma with international validity to its students who complete all courses. If you want to take advantage of all these opportunities and for your children to receive a quality education, it will be enough to register by logging in at www.nilecenter.org. Your registration is automatically approved and you can start the classes directly by contacting you.

It offers an interactive opportunity both by giving live lessons and by the student to work on his own, via the online LMS, learning Quran-Arabic online provides students with flexibility and comfort with the ability to study anywhere on their own time.

You do not have to be at your computer or in a fixed place. You can also take your lessons from wherever you are, by connecting with your tablet or phone.