The Teaching Program at Nile Center

//The Teaching Program at Nile Center

The Teaching Program at Nile Center

The General Teaching Program at Nile Center

The teaching Program at Nile Center as a bellow:

General Arabic courses include 4 basic (A1-A2), 4 intermediate (B1-B2) and 4 advanced (C1-C2) level lessons that are in accordance with the criteria of the European Language Portfolio.

At the end of each level, there are 3 speaking courses that each one has 40 hours of speaking lessons in order to practice grammar rules given in level’s lessons.

Students also take a course of 15 lessons in order to get the basics of the Arabic language as much as they should.

Courses can be organized as “40-hour regular monthly” and “40-hours 15-day-condensed” on General Teaching program.

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