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Excursions in Egypt

Sumer 2022

Our intensive course session content is linked to our weekly excursion venues.  Additionally, most weekday afternoons and evenings some of our students will go to fun local venues.

We have 3 main types of off-site excursions that students can enjoy:

Full-day excursions happen one time a week and all students attend these.  Some are educational and include trips to museums, zoos, stately homes, or historic castles.  Others are for sightseeing, and typically include trips to local tourist attractions, theme parks, and shopping centers.

Local excursions are part of the Afternoon Activity Sessions and involve trips to fun local venues such as cinemas, paintball, go-karting, desert skiing, nile tour, and horse or camel riding in the desert.  These are attended by smaller groups and students can sign-up for these a few days in advance. 

Weekend excursions such as Alexandria Tours, The Desert Safari, Red Sea, and Mediterranean coast are only for students staying longer than 4 weeks and are an overnight trip to a local adventure site. 

Examples of excursions include:

Full-day Excursions:

Pyramids, the Cairo Museum, Mehmet Ali Pasha Mosque, Azhar-i-Sharif Mosque, Khalil Khan, the tomb of Imam Shafii, the tomb and mosque of Hussein (R.), the Tolunoglu Ahmet Mosque, various structures in Cairo, historical and tourist attractions,

Local Excursions:

Bowling, Cinema, Go-karting, Desert skiing