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In the Nile Arabic Learning Center’s online site, you can video call, normal call, or text your teacher.

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Courses from Egyptian Arabic teachers who have many years of experience teaching the language.

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In the Nile Arabic Learning Center’s online site, you can video call, normal call, or text your teacher.
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In our online courses, we combine classical teaching methods with updated modern education techniques and technology while ensuring the use of effective and up to date resources necessary for language learning. We aim to lead the way in language teaching by providing services to a diverse audience from children to all ages around the world.
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Target your goals with our best online courses.
The Nile Arabic Center has been serving its students for the last twenty years in the area of Hay El Sâbi, connected to Nasr City.You can learn Arabic very well from wherever you are, at a very cheap and suitable price. Once all the courses are completed, you will get your Arabic Diploma. Don’t waste any more time and join the online education network, which is spreading all over the world.
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A 100% online and interactive courses

Including a study plan to take your language to the next level in just a few months.
Each level is made up of 24 units and 6 group unit review classes with one of our teachers.
You'll get a Certificate when you pass each level and can share it on LinkedIn.
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Learning a new language requires personal endurance as well as consistency. The online courses offered by the Nile Language Center help students who cannot attend the Centers in person realize this important endeavour through an internet based language teaching platform. This initıative aims to provide students the opportunity to learn a language through a simple internet access and without being bound by time and place.
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Explore Our Wide Range Of Courses

Choose your course online and take advantage of incredible benefits
This program is for students who want to learn modern Arabic, the common language of all Arab countries, and those who are interested in academic excellence.
This course takes 3 levels / 78 Hours. Each lesson is 50 minutes.
This course is designed for beginners who are eager to read the Quran via its Arabic script. It is a step-by-step guide for learning to read the Quranic script.
For anyone who would love to memorize the full Quran with prior knowledge of reading Arabic with Tajweed rules applied.
Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet.
With Nile Center English Courses you will find 12 levels for learning General English and you will be able to choose the level which is best suited to your knowledge.
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Why Does It Work?

Nile Arabic Learning Center is one of the prominent language schools in Egypt teaching Arabic language with an experienced and successful team and providing a certificate to its’ students approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. In our centers, Arab lecturers, who are experts in their areas, are teaching Arabic as a foreign language.
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It is my favorite place to learn Arabic, even the teachers are natives, the teachers are nice, they are our friends, and the center’s activities are beautiful and enjoyable.

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Noor Bint Abdallah
Nile center is an excellent language learning center. They have a wide variety of classes and teachers. They have a great teacher to student ratio in each class. If you have any problems the staff deal with it immediately.
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Esad Idil

We’ve helped many students go further


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Learn Arabic in Egypt

Learn Arabic in Egypt Learning Arabic in Egypt, specifically in Cairo is a great experience. You can find really qualified


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Ustath always uses very simple words and comes up with easy examples to explain complex theory and difficult Arabic words, it clearly shows his passion, deep understanding of the concepts and care.

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