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Tuhfatul Atfaal Online
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Learn Tajweed Rules from Tuhfatul Atfaal with Expert Teachers Online

You will learn;

  1. Rules of Noon and Meem mushadadah with exercises-  The difference between  Noon sakinah and Tanween
  2. Rules of Noon sakinah and Tanween، Al-Idhhar- Al-Idghaam with exercises
  3. Al-Iqlaab- Al-Ikhfaa’ with exercises
  4. Rules of Meem sakina –  Al-Ikhfaa’ Ash-shafawi- Al-IdhharAsh-shafawi with exercises
  5. The difference betwwn Al-Iqlaab and Al-Ikhfaa’ Ash-shafawi- Idgham mutamathilayin Saghir with exercises
  6. Rules of Al-Laam sakina – Lam Al (أل) with exercises
  7. The Laam saakinah in verbs, nouns, and prepositions
  8. The two Alike ,The two similar with exercises
  9. The two close with exercises
  10. Madd letters, conditions and the sections of Madd
  11. Rules of Madd, The Required  Madd with exercises
  12. The  Allowed Lengthening- The Separate  Lengthening- The Lengthening with a Presented Sukoon-The Exchange Lengthening
  13. The Compulsory Lengthening, its sections, The Compulsory  Lengthening in a word
  14. The Compulsory  Lengthening in the Separate Letters that begin some surahs
  15. Other types of Madd (The Connecting Lengthening- Meddut Temkin – Maddut Tabri’ah)
  16. Exercises on Lengthening ( Almadd)
  17. Exercises on Tuhfatul Atfaal
  18. Exercises on Tuhfatul Atfaal
  19. Exercises on Tuhfatul Atfaal
  20. Exercises on Tuhfatul Atfaal

Who this course is for;

  • Anyone who wants to learn rules of the Tajweed should take this course.


You should be able to recognize the letters and know basic Arabic reading.


Course fee determined for 1 level (26 Hours) is as follows:

Grup Course

$ 40
  • 26 Hours
  • 5-6 Persons
  • Flexible Hours
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Private Course

$ 180
  • 26 Hours
  • Private Course
  • Flexible Hours
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