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Memorize All Holly Quran Online


Millions of Muslims all over the world are memorizing the Quran. They thought it would be difficult, or even impossible, to memorize it, but they found themselves memorizers of the Quran afterward.

The Muslim who memorizes the Quran has countless features in this life and in the hereafter. The one who memorize Quran, are considered the people of Allah and of Islam, because they keep the Book of Allah SWT. Furthermore, the parents of the one, who memorizes the Quran, will be honored in the hereafter as they are donned with the crown on the Day of Judgment as a result of their son’s/daughter’s Quran memorization and applying its rules


Who this course is for;

Anyone who would love to memorize the full Quran with prior knowledge of reading Arabic with Tajweed rules applied.



You need to know how to read the Quran with the Tajweed rules to be qualified for memorization.



Memorizing the Quran takes 20 levels / 520 lessons. Each lesson is 50 minutes. Here, the most important task falls on the student, but more permanent education can be provided under the management of a master teacher.

The topics you will receive in this section are:

Level 1: Memorization from An-Nas to Al-Lail 

Level 2: Memorization from Ash-Shams to Al-Infitar

Level 3: Memorization from At-Takwir to Al-Qiyamah

Level 4: Memorization from  Al-Muddathir to Al-Qalam

Level 5: Memorization from Al-Mulk to Al-Jumu’ah

Level 6: Memorization from As-Saff to Al-Mujadilah

Level 7: Memorization from Al-Hadeed to Al-Qamar

Level 8: Memorization from An-Najm to Al-Hujurat

Level 9: Memorization from Al-Fath to Al-Jathiyah

Level 10: Memorization from Ad-Dukhan to Fussilat

Level 11: Memorization from Ghafir to Sad

Level 12: Memorization from As-Saffat to Saba’

Level 13: Memorization from Al-Ahzab to Al-ʻAnkabut

Level 14: Memorization from Al-Qasas to Al-Mu’minun

Level 15: Memorization from Surat Al-Hajj to Surat Al-Kahf 

Level 16: Memorization from Al-Isra to Ar-Ra’d

Level 17: Memorization from Yusuf to At-Tawbah

Level 18: Memorization from Al-Anfal to Al-Ma’idah

Level 19: Memorization from An-Nisa’ to Al-Imran

Level 20: Memorization from Al-Baqarah to Al-Fatihah



Course fee determined for 1 level (26 Hours) is as follows:

Group Course

$ 70
  • 26 Hours
  • 3-5 Persons
  • Flexible Hours
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Private Course

$ 210
  • 26 Hours
  • Private Course
  • Flexible Hours
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Nile Learning Center was established in Egypt in 1998 with the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of National Education. There are two branches of the center for men and women in one of the modern districts of Cairo, Nasr City.

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