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Arabic Courses

As the Language experts, we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with an effective and engaging way to learn and improve your Arabic. We’ll help you write, read and speak with confidence.

Qur'an Courses

In addition to reading the Qur'an correctly, you will learn the rules of Tajweed in the easiest way and be able to memorize it.

Other Courses

One of the most effective ways to learn a language is to learn it from an expert in effective ways. In our center, English, Turkish etc. languages are taught effectively by teachers who speak those languages.

Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha) Online

This program is for students who want to learn modern Arabic, the common language of all Arab countries, and those who are interested in academic excellence.

Arabic Grammar Courses Online

This course takes 3 levels / 78 Hours. Each lesson is 50 minutes.

Quran Reading Online (For Beginners)

This course is designed for beginners who are eager to read the Quran via its Arabic script. It is a step-by-step guide for learning to read the Quranic script.

Quran Memorization Online

It suits anyone willing to memorize the Qur'an and has prior knowledge of reading Arabic as well as Tajweed rules.

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet.

Learn English Online

The Nile Center English course has 12 levels for learning General English, and you can choose the level that is best suited to your knowledge.

User Guide and Videos

You can learn how to benefit from our online platform by watching the videos.

Step by Step Online

Online Learning Management System LMS

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Arabic Course Fees

You can learn Arabic very well from wherever you are, at a very cheap and suitable price.


$ 110 per Level
  • 26 Hours Live Sessions,
  • Grup Lessons (3-5 Persons),
  • Flexible Hours,
  • LMS Account Free,
  • Online Examination,
  • %50 Discount At-Takallum Online Version 3 Months Subscription


$ 310 per Level
  • 26 Hours Live Sessions,
  • Private Lessons (One-to-One),
  • Flexible Hours,
  • LMS Account Free,
  • Online Examination,
  • Free At-Takallum Online Version 3 Months Subscription

Premium Intensive

$ 890 per 1 Stage
  • 78 Hours (3 Level) Live Sessions,
  • Private Lessons (One-to-One),
  • Flexible Hours,
  • LMS Account Free,
  • Online Examination,
  • Free At-Takallum Online Version 1 Year Subscription
  • Stage Certificate (A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online classes use the same materials used in lessons that are used in a normal classroom environment. Also, the course can be taught by a different book that the student wants.

The student can take lessons from any teacher working at the Nile Center. In case of any sort of problem, another teacher will be offered.

In the online course system (LMS), at the end of each course, the student will be issued a certificate if he / she wishes. The student can download his / her certificate from the system. Those who want to get the certificate by mail have to pay the shipping cost.

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