Arabic Course Materials at the Nile Center

The textbooks used for the Modern Arabic (Fusha) and Egyptian Arabic (Ammi) courses are as follows:

The textbooks are decided to be used depending on the needs and choices of students during the registration process. There are also numerous documents in the Language of the mother tongue Arabic to support students during their studies.

Arabic Course Materials

Learn Arabic with At-Takallum Books

The At-Takallum series is distinguished by its adoption of modern teaching techniques, and its step-by-step approach from easy to difficult, which makes learners feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenge of learning a new language.

This is in addition to illustrative artwork, simple and easy output, fancy typography, and support with live supplementary materials containing skills training, progression tests and supported glossaries in fifteen languages to help both learners and educators alike.

The ideal age group for learning in the hands of this comprehensive series is the youth and adult category, and it can be taught in secondary schools, Arabic language institutes, universities in their preparatory institutes in Arabic, as well as private teachers, all of whom can benefit from this new educational series.

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