The Teaching Program at Nile Center

Teaching Program at Nile Center

The Teaching Program at Nile Center

The teaching Program at Nile Center as  bellow:
  1. General Arabic courses include 4 basic levels (A1-A2), 4 intermediate levels (B1-B2), and 4 advanced levels (C1-C2). The courses are designed to meet the requirements of the European Language Portfolio.
  2. At the end of each level, there are three speaking courses. Each of them has 40 hours of speaking lessons to practice the grammar rules given in the previous classes.
  3. Students also take a course of 15 lessons to get a good foundation in the Arabic language
  4. The courses can be organized as “40-hour regular monthly” and “40-hours 15-day-condensed” on the General Teaching program.

The Teaching Program at Nile center 

The Nile Arabic Center has two curriculums for teaching Arabic to foreigners.


At-Takallum Curriculum


Al-Asasi Curriculum

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Courses consist of 3 stages:

  1. Stage one is composed of 5 levels including beginner level.

  2. Stage two is composed of 4 levels.

  3. Stage three is composed of 4 levels.

Nile Arabic Center

Nile Arabic Learning Center Egypt is a center of attraction for those who want to learn Arabic around the world.

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Learn Arabic in Egypt Learning Arabic in Egypt, specifically in Cairo is a great experience. You can find really qualified

Learning Arabic & Qur’an

From which one you  are ? “I am understanding but I can not talk” or don’t know anything ” I need to learn one day”  than delaying this all time and not begin to learn.

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