Instructions and Terms of Nile Center


  • Each level contains 26 sessions, and each session lasts 50 minutes. A student who successfully completes all the courses takes 180 hours of lessons at the B2 level.

  • A student who achieves 60% success on the exams earns the right to move to the next level.

  • The student is not allowed to attend the classes with a photocopy of Nile Center’s educational materials such as books and CDs.

  • In order to realize the concept of an Arabic-only communication community, it is not permitted to speak another language during the class.

  • Except for the speaking courses, a student cannot take two courses simultaneously.

  • The Nile Center has created a learning management system for the students of the Nile center to benefit from and allow easier access to the information and the materials. The student will meet with his teacher through this system and take his lessons. The system includes a zoom link, course documents, quizzes, exams, and other activities.

  • Students should do their homework, quizzes, and exams by entering the nile website with the username and password given to them. Otherwise, the grades of the students will not be reflected in the system, so they will have to repeat the level.

  •  Students should do their homework, quizzes, and exams by logging into website with the given username and password. Otherwise, the student’s grades will not be reflected in the system, forcing them to repeat the level.
  • Students are not allowed to record the lesson without permission. All rights to the course belong to the Nile Center. All legal actions are taken against those who record the lessons without permission and post it on social media.

  • The Nile Center cannot record lectures or broadcast them anywhere without the student’s permission. The recording of the course and the publication of the recordings is made by mutual agreement.


  • The At-Takallum Arabic kit, which was awarded as the Best Arabic Course Book by Cairo University, is an integrated series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, prepared in a modern and beautiful way by specialists in the field.

  • The Al-Asasi Books is an innovative course prepared by the Arab Organization for Culture, Science, and Education to teach the Arabic language to foreigners.

  • Al-Mukhtar Books is a course prepared by the center’s teachers to teach Arabic to non-native speakers.

  • The student can select a special book based on his interests, whether in the field of teaching Arabic or from the various heritage books.


Placement Test and payments

  • The written and oral placement tests determine which level the student will begin at. If a trainee does not take the placement test, he or she will be placed at the beginner level.
  • The student is required to take a placement test as soon as the reservation form is filled out, with a maximum of 3 working days.
  • All course fees must be paid by the student before starting the course.
  • The administration has the right to deny the student’s attendance until full payment is made.
  • The study start date is determined during the reservation and payment of the fees.
  • A student who takes a break from the courses for three months is taken to the placement test again. He/she continues at the same rate as before, or he/she repeats

Behaviors and Ethics

The student is obligated to follow the etiquette of dialogue and the rules of tact, taste, and good treatment when dealing with fellow students, teachers, customer service staff in the administration, and all those in charge of academic and administrative affairs in the center.

Attendance and Absence

  • The student is obligated to attend the lectures with the Nile Center’s educational material during each level.

  • The competent lecturer is obliged to conduct attendance and absence checks in the first thirty (30) minutes of each session.

  • A student who is absent for more than a quarter of the total course hours (over 6 hours) has to repeat the course. A make-up lesson can be arranged for a student who has been absent for more than 6 hours. In this case, fifty percent of the private lesson hourly fee is taken as the lesson hour fee.

  • In cases where the student cannot attend the lesson, the student must inform the center at least 6 hours in advance. As a result of the notification, the time when the student takes leave will be added to the next date.In the case of not taking permission or notifying immediately before the lesson, the student will be deemed not to have attended the lesson and will be recorded as absent.

  • If the student misses the day specified for the level examination, the student will pay 150 Egyptian pounds to re-enroll for the level examination.

  • In case of failure, the student has the right to repeat the level exam within two (2) days, and the student will pay 150 Egyptian pounds to re-enroll for the level examination.

  • The Nile Center administration has the right to change the dates of attendance during the study if the number of students falls below 10 students.

Transfer requests

A student who wishes to change his/her group within 3-course periods (6 hours) after the course starts, can be changed depending on the suitability of the number of students in both groups. A change fee of 150 is charged. After 3 classes, the student who requests this change has to pay half of the fee for the group they want to join. This change cannot be made after half of the course period has passed.


  • At the end of each course level, we provide certificates of completion.

  • Furthermore, the Egyptian Ministry of Education issues an Arabic Diploma for those who successfully complete every course level at the Nile Center.

Replacement and Refund Policy

After beginning the course, the student is not entitled to exchange or refund fees in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Nile Center.

Complaints and suggestions

For complaints and suggestions, we welcome you to email us at and we will give you a response within five (5) working days. We thank you for your time and cooperation with us, and we will strive to meet your expectations.