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Measure your Arabic language level and improve your language by attending the courses you are suitable for.

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The placement exam is an exam that measures the language level of the students and ensures that they are included in the appropriate courses and that their language development is followed.

The exam questions cover four areas; Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Students who earn sufficient grades in these areas are given the opportunity to take the writing and speaking exams. Writing and speaking tests are conducted by placement test experts. The test does not report the student’s exact grade. The final result is revealed after the student’s speaking and writing test.

Students are not permitted to receive outside assistance on these examinations.  “Outside assistance” means, among other things, the use of books, notes, dictionaries, grammar books, spell checkers, grammar checkers, translation tools, cutting and pasting foreign language items from the web, and composing items in writing before speaking.

Measure your Arabic language level and improve your language by attending the courses you are suitable for.

The exam can be done in two ways: online and face-to-face. The online placement assessment for Arabic includes both written and oral components and takes place during a scheduled 50-minute one-on-one Zoom meeting with an Arabic instructor. 

The placement test can be done every day. The student must make an appointment before taking the exam. The student is placed in the courses according to the exam result.

Students can be given a document showing their Arabic level as a result of the level determination exams.


Placement Test

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Arabic Language placement test

This test is an example.


This Free Arabic Placement Test is designed to measure your Arabic level.

Four exam questions were asked in this examination: Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar. With this test, you can measure your approximate level. However, in order to measure your actual level, you must enter a test that includes speaking and writing exams. We are waiting for you at the Nile Center.

“Arabic Placement Test 1” in Arabic

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0-25 = First Level

26-50 = Second Level

51-75 = Third Level

76-100 = Fourth Level