Arabic Courses

This program is for students who want to learn modern Arabic, the common language of all Arab countries, and those who are interested in academic excellence. In these Arabic courses from Nile Center, you will learn Arabic with an easier way to speak Arabic fluently. This course offers a comprehensive review of Arabic grammar and is ideal for those already fluent in Arabic who want to improve their writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills, as well as their spoken Arabic.

All our Arabic courses are designed and delivered by highly qualified teachers and are proven to get results. For the teaching program at Nile Center click MOREThe course is given from one of the famous book sets “At-Takallum“. It is recommended to take at least 8-10 hours min. of lectures per week for normal processing.

If you’re not sure of your current level, don’t worry – you can take a level test with our Online Service by Clicking Registration Link. After you have entered the Registration link choose the “Arabic Placement Test”.

learn Arabic with an easier way to speak Arabic fluently.

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