Buy the Books and Enjoy Course for Free

Takallum Projesi EN

Buy the Books and Enjoy Course for Free

When you purchase a full set of ATTAKALLUM SERIES (A Comprehensive Modern Arabic Course) (4 Levels/8 Books (Starter (A-1) + CD (SB + WB), Elementary (A-2)+ CD (SB + WB), Pre-Intermediate (B-1) + CD (SB + WB), Intermediate (B-2) + CD (SB + WB)), you will have the chance to attend one of the online course packages provided by Nile Center FREE of charge.

For this, it is enough to get the reference code from the Buruj Publishing and write it on the registration form below. After you complete your registration, our staff will contact you and make a free placement test.

After the placement test, you will be enrolled in the first group course to be opened and you will be doing online live lessons with other students in the group.

A 26-hour group lesson is given free of charge. Placement test and certificate are given free of charge. However, students who want to continue the course can pay for the course they attend and continue from where they left off.

For those who want to take private lessons, 20% discount is applied to the private lesson fee.


Note: This offer is valid for purchases outside of Egypt. Reference codes entered in the registration system are valid for 6 months.

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