1- The Nile Center has the right to make changes in the program. In the same way, some changes can be made in the direction of the students’ demands.
2- The groups may ask for a house closer to the Nile Center with average living standards or a house a little more far away that’s more comfortable and spacious.
3- The Quran classes are done according to the 30th Juz and memorization will be followed, it may also change according to the students level.
4- In Arabic class, books from the Takkallum Arabic Learning Set will be selected accordingly.
5- The distribution of the Qur’an and Hat lessons is shaped towards requests.
6- The study program is optional. It is planned if requested.
7- A leader for the main program for each group, one for men and one for women will be selected and all requests will be asked and granted through the leader.
8- Trips to practice Arabic are dependent solely on the group.
9- Anything other than the given program, for example, gym, pool, diving at the red sea, trips to villages, beaches, etc. are evaluated by the Nile Center and the students will be charged accordingly.
10- The meal fee for sightseeing is paid by the participant.
11- Extra courses are assessed and charged separately.
12- Fees are required to be paid off in dollars.
13- Please contact us for your questions and suggestions.
Note: The program above is an example. A 15-day, one and a half-month or a more flexible program can be arranged according to the requests.
No tuition fees will be charged from the leader of groups of 10.

Published by Nile Center

Nile Learning Center was established in Egypt in 1998 with the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of National Education. The Nile Center is one of the prominent language schools in Egypt that teaches Arabic with an experienced and successful team. It provides a certificate to its students, approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

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