Nile Arabic Center

Nile Arabic Learning Center

Egypt is a center of attraction for those who want to learn Arabic around the world. Every year many people come to Egypt and learn Arabic in official and private institutions.

One of the private institutions that serve this area is the Nile Arabic Learning Center.

The Nile Arabic Center has been serving its students for the last twenty years in the area of Hay El Sâbi, connected to Nasr City.

Twelve lead courses are being followed by our specialist teachers. The learner’s grammar, reading comprehension, speaking and writing.

In addition to these courses, three courses offer a speech-focused program. In the meantime, Arabic calligraphy courses are also given for students to write beautiful texts.

At our center, special education packages are also offered to students according to their needs. Examples of these are media courses, translation courses, supplies and packages for Nahiv, Eloquence, Mahâric-i huruf, reading the Quran in a prescribed way and Tajweed applications.

Short films, newspapers, talking and sightseeing clubs are  organized for our students to contribute Arabic development.

With our training trips that are organized in our center. Our students are able to better understand Egypt and improve Arabic by preparing texts and videos about the places they visit.

Students From all Around the World

At our center, students from fifty countries of the world are studying at certain periods of the year with changes.

Among these students are those who come to Egypt to study Arabic, those who wish to acquire familiarity with the Arabic language of the Quran, those who have studied in college and have joined reinforcements, businessmen, and instructors who work in the theology faculties of native Arabic nations to improve their language.

We are continuing our way with young and old alike.

Our students benefit from our calligraphy room, library, studio and conference room facilities.

We offer students the opportunity to learn Arabic on the internet with our online lessons for students who have to leave their Arabic studies at home due to work and school life or who can never come to Egypt.

We give diplomas approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education to all graduates who have successfully completed all the courses in our center.

Our students can enroll in online course programs and take private lessons or group lessons.

We are continuing our studies in the happiness of being able to leave thousands of students graduated until today with good memories from Egypt.