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What is online language education?

Internet is indispensable in our lives. With the help of developing technology products and applications, we can meet all our needs over the internet.

Is it possible to learn a foreign language using the internet? We can easily say that this is possible, thanks to the institutions and individuals that have grown rapidly in recent years and provide online language education. Online language education is the online and interactive delivery of course programs prepared by language schools and by professional language instructors through video communication tools. Anyone between 7 and 77 years old, with a computer and internet connection to it, can receive online language training.

What are the advantages of online language education?

Online language education has many advantages; First of all, thanks to its technological infrastructure. You choose the place and the time you want to study. You can take your lessons at any time of the day, whether at home, at work, in a park or in a different environment that suits you.

Your attention will not be distracted during the lesson as the lesson duration is 50 minutes. You choose your own lessons and teachers. Online language learning is also much more affordable than in traditional classes. When you look in terms of price and performance, you will get more than what you pay.

How is online language education differ from traditional classes?

A large part of our daily life is intertwined with technological devices. Changing living and working conditions have brought the internet to the core of our lives. Online education is ahead of all traditional classes with its ability to adapt to these changing conditions of the time in the fastest way. In other words, someone who wants to get an education does not have to go from door to door and change the flow of life according to the conditions offered to him. Thanks to the advantages provided by online education, the students determine the conditions themselves and complete their education while continuing their daily life.

Why are online language classes cheaper?

One of the reasons why someone who wants to study in any field has to constantly postpone this request is that traditional education is often expensive. Institutions that provide traditional education have essential expenses such as; rent, electricity, personnel wages, etc. While determining the course fees, some of these expenses are reflected in the fees. Adding to this other expenses such as; transportation fee and accommodation for the course, there is a cost that is not suitable for every budget. However, since online language schools do not have such extra expenses, they offer the same quality language education at a more affordable cost.

Can online language classes be customized according to needs?

Not everyone has the same level of language or the area where the language is needed. For this reason, there is no standard or a single type of language education. You can determine which level you want to start your education with or which subjects your courses should cover. In other words, you can customize your language training according to your needs. For example, if you are a frequent traveler, you can concentrate your education program in this area or you can focus on professional language training to solve the language problems you encounter in your business life.

How to book a course?

Nile Center LMS has different course packages according to your availability and budget. In a few minutes, you can click on the link, and then select the package you want and start your online education. If you want to register for more than one course, simply choose them from the course options you will come across. In addition to the basic information that will be required in the registration system, you should specify the date you want to start, the days, and the time intervals.

Who good are the teachers?

In order to establish international education standards, the teaching staff in Nile Centers are professionals who have successfully completed their undergraduate or graduate education, passed the qualifications applied by our center, and were subjected to a special education, specialized in the field of education for foreigners.

Can I determine the content of the lessons myself?

We mentioned above that you can create a special course program according to your needs. Parallel to this, you can also determine the course contents yourself. For example, if you have a pronunciation problem, you can choose the content of your lessons to fulfill this lack. Likewise, you can take more lessons in that area if you want to concentrate more on different types of content such as speaking, writing, reading, grammar, etc.

Are there any specially designed lessons for children?

As is known, if the Quran and Arabic are learned at an early age, it can be much faster and permanent. Nile Centers prepare practices and lesson materials specially developed for children in terms of pedagogy. Therefore, children can also join the packages they want and attend classes with the help of their parents. Thanks to these lessons they will take at an early age, they will have a better quality time in front of the computer and make the education they will need throughout their lives a part of their daily lives.

What is Nile LMS and how is it used?

It is not possible to talk about online education so much and not to mention Nile LMS. Nile LMS is a teaching management system that allows online courses to be presented with all sub-materials, thanks to the moodle platform.

Through Nile Academy LMS, you can log in to the class by clicking the links given in the courses you are enrolled in, you can be live with your teacher via zoom, BigBlueBotton, Skype, Team, Meet, or any other live conference environment, join the class and chat with your teacher or classmates.

On the online course portal, you can save your lessons and subjects permitted by your teachers, and have the opportunity to access them at any time when you want to revise them later.

In online lessons, you can study the lessons opened for you by yourself, prepare for the live lesson, and do the daily assignments or project assignments given to you on the online portal.

You can watch lecture videos, listen to sounds, play language teaching games, use glossaries, and add your words to the dictionary yourself.

You can become a participant on forum pages, add your opinion or work, open a new forum topic.

You can review the documents provided, download the course documents that are allowed to be downloaded to your computers, and then repeat your lessons.

You can view the events stored in your calendars, add events to reminders, and organize your calendars according to your own.

Depending on the course calendar, you can take the exams online, see the evaluation of the questions, check your answers, and learn your degree instantly.

You can download the certificates to be issued at the end of the course to your computers and access your report cards directly.

In addition to the features listed above, you can benefit from dozens of more features, and you can follow your language development process and course performance percentages within the time period of the course.

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