Intensive Summer Courses in Egypt

Summer 2022

Intensive Summer Courses in Egypt

Would you like to enrich your life by taking Arabic or Quran lessons in the fastest and most effective way?

We have exciting news for you from Egypt!

Having the experience of 23 years of teaching Arabic to foreign students with our experienced and well-trained staff, we offer you an exquisite  program that will allow you to learn Arabic as well as Egypt’s culture in a profound way:

We would love to host you in an accommodation of your choice from a hotel room to a fully furnished flat in magnificent Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and rich history.

One, two or three-month-long intensive Arabic Courses with combined theory and practice that will allow you to easily communicate with the community.

Academic Arabic Course that will help enhance your academics, career, intercultural communication, and personal growth.

Tajweed classes to read the holy Qur’an in a proficient way.

Calligraphy lessons are available if you are interested in the arts.

Along with the courses that we offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the ancient and modern Egyptian culture, enjoy cruising the Nile River at sunset, and discover Islamic Cairo while indulging in Egyptian cuisine.

So, hurry up, and do not miss out on this limited-time offer!

  1. The Nile Center has the right to make changes in the program. In the same way, some changes can be made in the direction of the students’ demands.

  2. The Quran classes are done according to the 30th Juz and memorization will be followed, it may also change according to the student’s level.

  3. In Arabic class, books from the Takkallum Arabic Learning Set will be selected accordingly.

  4. The distribution of the Qur’an and Arabic Calligraphy lessons is shaped towards requests.

  5. The study program is optional. It is planned if requested.

  6. A leader for the main program for each group, one for men and one for women will be selected and all requests will be asked and granted through the leader.

  7. Trips to practice Arabic are dependent solely on the group.

  8. Anything other than the given program, for example, gym, pool, diving at the red sea, trips to villages, beaches, etc. are evaluated by the Nile Center and the students will be charged accordingly.

  9. The meal fee for sightseeing is paid by the participant.

  10. Extra courses are assessed and charged separately.


You can do your pre-registration by contacting or fill in the application form at

Finally, registrations are done at the center in person. Students should bring 2 photos and their passports for the registration.

  • Once they register, applicants complete a written and oral examination to determine their level.
  • Upon completion of their levels enrolled, students receive a certificate.



Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha), Learn Arabic And Travel, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Arabic Grammar Courses From “Al-Nahv Al-Wadih” , Ilmul-Balaghah – The Art Of Eloquence, Arabic Grammar Courses, Classical Arabic Grammar (Al-Ājrūmīyyah) …


Quran Reading, Tuhfatul Atfaal,  Matnu’l-Jazariyye, Fully Quran Memorization, Basic Quran Memorizing, Tajweed Course, The Seven / Ten Qira’at, Maqamat Courses …


40 Hadith Of Imam An-Nawawi, Fiqh Hanfi (Ithaf Al-Talib), Fiqh Maliki (matn al-Ashmāwiyah), The Bayquniyyah Poem (Usul Al-Hadith), Nur al-Yaqin fi Sirat Sayyid al-Mursalin, An Introduction to Ulum al Qur’an, Fiqh Shafi’i (Safinat Al-Naja), Aqeedah (Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar), Usul Al-Hadith, Al-Sunnah, Tafsir Juz Amma, Mantiq …

We offer one-to-one tuition with an experienced and qualified Arabic language teacher and sessions can be designed exactly to your individual needs.  

Below are some examples of subjects these sessions could include – academic writing, grammar, conversation and error correction, creative writing or pronunciation: listening and speaking – but you can discuss any other options, ideas, or topics you might have.


Whenever and however we use Arabic, grammar is important. The tutor will begin with a short needs analysis, then provide custom tuition for any areas of your grammar that need improvement and development. You will analyze how Arabic is used in real life, followed by controlled practice than an opportunity to use the language learned creatively.

Academic writing

Improve your formal academic writing: descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and critical essays and reports. This is essential for students who are considering education in Arabic-speaking countries in the future. The tutor will model examples of good writing and provide practical advice and modeling. Your writing will be marked and clear feedback given.

Creative Writing

Students learn language best when they are able to use it in creative expression. In this session, you will be guided through a structured creative writing process in order to create a short fictional piece such as a short story or poem.

Conversation and error correction

Arabic is not just an academic subject that has to be learned; it is a skill that we need to use in real life – and we learn through practice. Our tutor will prepare a series of conversational tasks and topics to engage you. Throughout the session, your errors will be corrected and suggestions for further improvement will be made at the end of the session.

Pronunciation: listening and speaking

It is critical that you can understand what is said to you and communicate what you say to others clearly. In these sessions, you will first be shown how to identify and tell the difference between certain sounds in Arabic. You will then complete some controlled practice activities with your tutor, before engaging in open conversation with error correction.

Please feel free to contact us by emailing if you would like to discuss these sessions in more detail.

The intensive period is designed as follows:

Period : 1-2 weeks, 1 / 2 / 3 months or more

Minor modifications are possible depending on the arrival date of students.



First Term Courses: ARABIC (80 Hours), QURAN (20 Hours), Calligraphy (10 Hours)

First Term Trips and activities: Pyramids and Nile River tour, Amr İbn-i As Mosque and Castle tour, Alexandria tour  – Historical places, Mediterranean coasts, Azhar / Husseini Mosques, and Khalil Khan tour, Certificates Ceremony

Second Term Courses: ARABIC (80 Hours), QURAN (20 Hours), Calligraphy (10 Hours)

Second Term Trips and activities: Historical Places, Cairo Museum, City Tour, Egyptian Village Tour

Third Term Courses: ARABIC (80 Hours), QURAN (20 Hours), Calligraphy (10 Hours)

Third Term Trips and activities: Red Sea – Ayn Sukhna Coast Tour and Picnic, Shopping Tour, Cairo Historical Places,


Total Period: 3 Months

Total Lessons / Hour: Arabic (240 Hours),  QURAN (60 Hours), Calligraphy (30 Hours)

Note: The program above is an example. A 15-day, one-and-a-half-month, or more flexible program can be arranged according to the requests.

Students are given certificates at the end of the courses they finish.

Students who finish all courses successfully get a diploma approved by Egyptian National Education Ministry showing the student’s language proficiency at B2 level.

Our intensive course session content is linked to our weekly excursion venues.  Additionally, most weekday afternoons and evenings some of our students will go to fun local venues.

We have 3 main types of off-site excursions that students can enjoy:

Full-day excursions happen one time a week and all students attend these.  Some are educational and include trips to museums, zoos, stately homes, or historic castles.  Others are for sightseeing, and typically include trips to local tourist attractions, theme parks, and shopping centers.

Local excursions are part of the Afternoon Activity Sessions and involve trips to fun local venues such as cinemas, paintball, go-karting, desert skiing, nile tour, and horse or camel riding in the desert.  These are attended by smaller groups and students can sign-up for these a few days in advance. 

Weekend excursions such as Alexandria Tours, The Desert Safari, Red Sea, and Mediterranean coast are only for students staying longer than 4 weeks and are an overnight trip to a local adventure site. 

Examples of excursions include:

Full-day Excursions:

Pyramids, the Cairo Museum, Mehmet Ali Pasha Mosque, Azhar-i-Sharif Mosque, Khalil Khan, the tomb of Imam Shafii, the tomb and mosque of Hussein (R.), the Tolunoglu Ahmet Mosque, various structures in Cairo, historical and tourist attractions,

Local Excursions:

Bowling, Cinema, Go-karting, Desert skiing


Standard Intensive Course Fee: From 550$ pp (8-10 Persons in group/per month)

Fees include; invitation letter, meeting at the airport, sendoff, 2 Arabic courses (4 hours/day), Quran lessons, Calligraphy lessons, educational documents, and certificate. Students will need to pay extra tuition fees if they ask for extra lessons.

Payments should be sent to our bank accounts or to our accounting department on the first day of the classes. Students who leave earlier during the intensive program will not get a refund.

  • The course fees are non-refundable once the classes begin.

Course fee alternatives are as in the table below:

Furnished houses are held by our center for our trainees to accommodate 6-8 people.

House rents vary according to the condition of the furniture in the house. The average monthly rental price of a clean, furnished house in the Nasr City district where our course is located is $800.

You can check the sample houses near the center from the links below:

Link 1 100 USD / Night
Link 2 94 USD / Night
Link 3 147 USD / Night
Link 4 70 USD / Night
Link 5 125 USD / Night
Link 6 245 USD / Night

We help those who want to stay in nearby hotels. Hotel prices on average standards range from 30 to 50 dollars.

All expenses of the house are covered by the trainees. The demands of the students are taken into consideration while the houses are being held.

Those who come as a group can stay in the same environment if they wish.

Our Arabic teachers visit the shelters for 1 hour each evening to practice. If possible, a friend who speaks Arabic is given to the accommodation to help.

Course Fees

In private lessons, the number of lesson hours is determined according to the student’s request. It can be updated. In this case, prices may vary.


$ 550
Monthly (Per Person)
  • Meet – Sendoff
  • Invitation Letter
  • 80 Hours Arabic With Group (2 Levels)
  • Courses Material
  • 8-10 Persons
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Practice Tours
  • Certification
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$ ***
Monthly (Per Person)
  • Meet – Sendoff
  • Invitation Letter
  • 80 Hours Arabic Private Lessons (2 Levels)
  • 20 Hours Quran Private
  • Courses Materials
  • One-to-One
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practice Tours
  • Certification
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$ ***
  • Meet – Sendoff
  • Invitation Letter
  • 80 Hours Arabic With Group (2 Levels)
  • Courses Material
  • 8-10 Persons
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Practice Tours
  • Certification
  • 20 Quran Lessons (1 Level)
  • Calligraphy (Optional)
  • Social Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Historical & Touristic Tour
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$ ***
  • Meet – Sendoff
  • Invitation Letter
  • 80 Hours Arabic one-to-one (2 Levels)
  • Courses Material
  • 8-10 Persons
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practice Tours
  • Certification
  • 20 Quran Lessons (1 Level)
  • Calligraphy (Optional)
  • Social Activities
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