Arabic Voices

Arabic Voices


It is very difficult for many people to learn a new language. Some people don’t like to read, they don’t have enough time to read and write.

The basic method that people like these should frequently refer to is listening.

Technology has provided a solution to our problem of listening. Now with programs like Soundcloud, you can find Arabic voices, you can listen to any audio file anywhere. In this way, you will further your Arabic.

We, as the Nile Arabic Teaching Center, often recommend listening and read in Arabic with Arabic Voices on

Nasreddin Hodja Jokes in Arabic

حِكَايَاتٌ طَـرِيفَـةٌ 1

حِكَايَاتٌ طَـرِيفَـةٌ 2

حِكَايَاتٌ طَـرِيفَـةٌ 3

حِكَايَاتٌ طَـرِيفَـةٌ 4

حِكَايَاتٌ طَـرِيفَـةٌ 5

Religious Stories in Arabic

اصحاب الكهف

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From which one you  are ? “I am understanding but I can not talk” or don’t know anything ” I need to learn one day”  than delaying this all time and not begin to learn.

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