Quran Reading Online for Kids (Boys/Girls 5-12)

Quran Reading Online for Kids (Boys/Girls 5-12)
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Learn Reading Quran with Expert Teachers Online


This course is designed for kids who are eager to read the Quran via its Arabic script. It is a step-by-step guide for learning to read the Quranic script using the materials that suits the kids and makes the education process move smoothly and in a fun and easy way. 

Who this course is for;

This course is planned for boys & girls aged 5-12.

A maximum of 5 students will study in a class.

Girls and boys will be grouped in separate classes.


No prior knowledge of Arabic is required to take this course.

You will learn;

This course takes 3 levels / 78 Hours. Each lesson is 50 minutes. The topics you will receive in this section are:

Level 1: Learning to read the Quranic script, Reading Al-Fatiha and from Naas to Nasr

Level 2: Reading from Al-Kaafirun to Al-Balad with Tajweed

Level 3: Reading from Al-Fajr to An-Naba’ with Tajweed



Course fee determined for 1 level (26 Hours) is as follows:

Grup Lessons

$ 70
  • 26 Hours
  • 3-5 Persons
  • Flexible Hours
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Private Lessons

$ 210
  • 26 Hours
  • Private
  • Flexible Hours
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